Lifting Your Legal Career To New Heights


Agnew O’Brien has been heavily involved in senior level recruitment for many years and has guided numerous partners and aspiring senior associates & counsel in their search, locating them opportunities that best match both their immediate requirements and ambitions for the future. Whatever your circumstances it is likely we have experienced a similar scenario and will be well placed to support your move and ultimately achieve your objectives, offering you real time advice and guidance from start to finish.

Our team is regularly instructed by law firms of all shapes and size, across multiple jurisdictions with respect to their senior end requirements and fully appreciate the nature of such appointments. The pressure in terms of commitment and time is often intense, especially as you will be running your own practice simultaneously as well as  interviewing for a new position, so working with a recruiter who can act pro-actively on your behalf will be essential. Each individual search is different and requires a slightly different strategy, as briefly outlined below.

Partner Designate/Junior Partner Moves

Moving as a senior associate to partner or partner designate role often requires a different approach to that of moving senior lawyers that have already earned "the badge". You will need a recruiter on your side that has experience of such hires and can advise you pro-actively each step of the way, adding tangible value throughout your discussions. For example, it is highly likely that you will require specific input on matters such as writing a credible business plan, assessing the strength of your client relations & their portability through to quantifying the fee revenue and practice growth expectations in the light of your own cost/compensation. Furthermore, such hires are often dependant on the specific need of a particular law firm, for example their lack of capability/capacity in a certain area due to increased workflow or retirements/departures. This type of market knowledge is essential and Agnew O'Brien will ensure that you have access to such opportunities ahead of competing candidates.

Established Partner & Team Moves

When moving as an established salaried or equity partner the rules are once again different and as such, the need for an experienced recruitment professional in your corner is vital and can often be the difference in securing the move you are after. We know that hires at this level are time consuming and often market sensitive, so through our understanding and expertise of such moves, Agnew O’Brien can offer you a discreet service that ensures each and every eventuality is accounted for and handled appropriately. Talks often break down on the smallest detail, so it is imperative that you have an advisor that is able to communicate efficiently and clearly with all parties whilst able to react quickly to changing circumstances, offering sound and pragmatic advice when and where necessary.  As well as guiding you through the discussions our team is there to advise you on package negotiations and support you on resignation & exit from your current platform, all of which can be a very stressful when not handled correctly.